Dear Participants,

On behalf of the organizers, it is our pleasure to invite you to attend the International Conference "Catalysis and Organic Synthesis" (ICCOS-2019), to be held in Moscow, September 15-20, 2019.

Development of Catalysis and Orgnaic Synthesis is of key importance for our society. Modern organic chemistry has shown outstanding progress in recent decades due to the development of transition metal catalysis, nanoparticle catalysis, organometallic chemistry, organocatalysis and recently due to the emergence of photoredox catalysis and organic electrochemistry. Recent advancements in the chemical sciences provide outstanding opportunities of obtaining the most complex molecular architectures ever possible. The main goal of our scientific program is to highlight the state of the art in the fields and exchange ideas toward further development. Rapid improvement in the instrumentation for structural and mechanistic studies, as well as in the application of theoretical computational methods are also featured in the program.

Innovative organic and hybrid materials and their continuously increasing impact on life sciences, nanotechnology, catalysis, energy research, additive manufacturing, photonics, electrochemistry, biomass recycling, and many other modern activities are approaching a point of cost-effective commercialization. Rational application of such materials will substantially reinforce the related industries, being ultimately translated into social, economical, and environmental benefits.

We believe that the great history and cultural heritage of Moscow, making the city an attractive venue for an exceptional scientific program, will also reward the participants with excellent social experience and sightseeing. We take pride in the Red Square and Kremlin being included in the UNESCO World Heritage List as the top historical places to visit in Russia. The monumental architecture, masterpieces of the Tretyakov Gallery and the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, and many other unforgettable attractions compose the unique atmosphere of Moscow, strong and balanced even in our rapidly changing modern reality.

Looking forward to welcome you at the ICCOS-2019,
Cordially yours,
Mikhail Egorov and Valentine Ananikov.