Welcome to Moscow!

Dear participants of ICCOS-2019, this is a guide to make your visit more comfortable.
Feel free to ask any information. The Organizing Committee waits for your questions and will try to do their best to help you.

We made for you map, where you will find some info about nearest bus stops, supermarkets, banks.

A lot of useful information about visit to Moscow you can find in official Moscow service:

Conference venue

Registration for Conference and all of its sessions will take place at Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry (ZIOC).

The address:
Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry
Russian Academy of Sciences
Leninsky Prospekt 47
Moscow, 119991

City Transport

We advise you to get Troika card. It costs 50 rub and you can buy it in every Metro station.  
It works for every public transport in Moscow.  To get it just say “Troika”. It can be filled in with any amount of rubles.
Also there are machines selling cards and filling it with money in the Metro stations.
Single trip (bus or Metro) costs 38 rub.
Single Metro + unlimited buses for 90 min costs 59 rub.
The fare is calculated automatically. If you travel with somebody, it is required to have personal Troika cards.

In the Metro you will see the gates, which will open after you tap Troika, go from the left side.
All transfers inside the Metro are free. Moscow central circle trains are included into Metro system,
and transfers to them are free for 90 min. To transfer to Moscow central circle you will need to tap your card again.
You do not need to tap anything when you exit, just go, the doors will open automatically. Moscow Metro map.

In the buses you can enter any door, you will see yellow box, tap your Troika to this box.
Every time you get inside, you need to tap Troika and to keep it for 1 sec.

To get to ICCOS

The Conference is held in Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry (ZIOC RAS), Leninsky pr. 47.
The nearest Metro station is Leninsky Prospect (orange line) exit #1.
The nearest bus stop is Dvorets Truda Profsouzov is in front of the Institute.

1. From Leninskiy Prospect Metro station. You will need exit #1 (right exit from the train from the city center).
From there you can walk or take a bus.
In order to help you, on Monday (Sept. 16) at 08-30 there will be a person from Organizing Committee.
1a) By bus. Take 553 small blue bus, you will see the bus stop in front of metro station.
There is electronic schedule which shows how long you need to wait. Sometimes it does not work.
In the morning it won’t be longer that 10-15 min.
1b) Walk 15 min. The rout you will see on the map (http://bit.do/ICCOS).

2. From Korston hotel  you will need to walk.  The rout you will find on the map (http://bit.do/ICCOS).
Every morning the person from Organizing Committee will be waiting for you.
Monday (16 Sept) at 8:30 am
Tuesday - Friday (17 - 20 Sept) at 9 am

3. From President hotel. Every morning there will be transfers:
Monday (16 Sept) at 8 am
Tuesday - Friday (17 - 20 Sept) at 8:45 am
Also you can take a bus M1, M4, 4. The bus stop location you will also find on the map (http://bit.do/ICCOS).
You will need to exit at Dvorets Truda Profsouzov.

To get from ICCOS

In front of the Institute you will see the bus stop.

To get to Leninsky Prospect Metro Station.
1a) You can walk (see the map http://bit.do/ICCOS).
1b)  You can take the 553 small bus, which has last stop near the metro.
1c) You can take any other bus. Your stop will be 3rd - Ploschad Gagarina.
If you exit on Ploschad Gagrina, go right into underground crossing, then go left and strait,
in couple of minutes you will see the Metro station. (Typically there are many people walking this direction).

To get to Oktybrskaya (circle) metro station. Take any big bus. You stop is named Oktyabrskaya.
Usually most of people come out on this stop. You will need to go into the underground crossing and turn right.

To get to the President Otel. Take the big bus M1, M4, 4. Your stop is Tretii Golytvinskiy pereylok (3-й Голутвинский переулок).
Yes, it sounds very hard. Main signs – you see Oktyabrskya Metro stations (first one is circle line, second one is orange line),
then soon will be your stop. You see President hotel, you exit from the bus. You can ask people to help you.


The taxi in Moscow not expensive. We use Yandex taxi, I advise you to download their application
and attach you credit card (but also you can chose cash). There price will be calculated automatically before the trip,
to get from the Institute to President hotel will be about 250 rub. Also you can take the taxi to/from the airport.
DO NOT take taxi without application; typically the price is MUCH higher.


Most of Russians speak only Russian, but good thing is that you are in Moscow,
so it will not be so hard to find person who speaks English.


In Russia we use only Rubles. You can use cash, but most of places accept Mastercard and Visa cards
(Some places accept UnionPay). You can also get money at ATMs using your credit or debit cards.
There is ATM of Sberbank in the Institute (ask Organizing Committee, they will show you its location).
To change the cash you need to go to bank with the passport. The exchange rate is about 1$ = 65 rub, 1€ = 70 rub.


The tips in Russia are 5 – 10 %.
We give tips for taxi drivers (application provides you this option after you complete your trip).
We give tips in restaurants. In restaurants you can pay by card, but tips can be left only by cash,
typically service is not included into the bill.


All public transport in Moscow has free WiFi, also there many WiFi spots in the city center.
To register into the network you will need to provide your mobile number, afterwards you will get sms with code.
If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.
Hope you visit to Moscow will be comfortable and you will come again.

Dr. Evgeniya Degtyareva (deg.jenny).